Introducing the Valido Software Brochure

20th September 2012

We are very proud to introduce the VALIDO SOFTWARE promotional brochure. For the past couple of months we have been working on producing all this for our marketing campaign.

The brochure was designed to highlight our products:

VALIDO PRO for the Health and Safety Professionals who work independently from the businesses they assess. This may include Risk Assessors, Insurers, Litigation Officers, Loss Adjusters, Fire Officers and Health and Safety professional. 

VALIDO BUSINESS designed for Health and Safety personnel working within an organisation with multiple departments or divisions and in multi-national companies that may feature in many diverse industries across many countries. 

When VALIDO required branding and marketing of the product the excellent team at E-Strands Ltd creative design agency helped us. We have worked with them to develop and website designbranding, printed marketing, web development and digital marketing for VALIDO SOFTWARE.  Torus Digital Marketing helped us to produce our digital and printed content and continue to work with us with SEO, digital content marketing and social media marketing. 

The finished brochures had to be launched early as they were being promoted at the Annual meeting of the Federation of Occupational Health Nurses within the European Union (FOHNEU) Congress in Tarragona before 19th September and included translation into Spanish.

The VALIDO SOFTWARE brand is looking very professional and stylish and the logos look amazing. 400+ brochures found their destination and were safely presented to the delegates at the FOHNEU but only after a five day hold up with the Spanish postal system in Barcelona.  They just about made it, arriving the day before! 

View the brochure here.

VALIDO SOFTWARE is designed with professionals in mind.

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