13-May-2013 Welcome to We are very proud to have launched the VALIDO SOFTWARE website today. For several months we have been working on producing this website to promote our products and we are delighted with the outcome. 

The website will highlight our products with the option to buy our mobile health and safety solution software, direct from the online shop:

VALIDO PRO for the Health and Safety Professionals who work independently from the businesses they assess. This may include Risk Assessors, Insurers, Litigation Officers, Loss Adjusters, Fire Officers and Health and Safety professional. 

VALIDO BUSINESS designed for Health and Safety personnel working within an organisation with multiple departments or divisions and in multi-national companies that may feature in many diverse industries across many countries. 

There are also pages to assist with health and safety compliance and a news page for local and topical industry news, as well as publicising our own announcements.

Many thanks to all those involved with this project. Branding and web development was carried out by E-Strands Ltd creative design agency. Their work included; website design, branding, printed marketing, web development and digital marketing for VALIDO SOFTWARE. 

Torus Digital Marketing produced our digital and printed content and continue to work with us with SEO, digital content marketing and social media marketing. 

To find out more about these go to our Credits page

In the coming months we plan to produce tutorial training videos to assist users with the software and mobile modules. Enjoy the website

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