This privacy policy relates specifically to the Valido software and to the related apps on various mobile device platforms.  To see the privacy policy relating to 1600 Systems Ltd generally please visit our company website at

Valido PC-based Management Program

Valido requires activation online before it can be used and also requires an activation check at periods no longer than 28 days. During this process the following information will be transmitted to the Valido website of 1600 Systems Ltd:

  • The activation key which is supplied to you by us at the time the software is purchased;
  • The email address you were required to supply during the process of purchasing the software;
  • An identifier for the computer on which the software is installed and is being run.  This includes no information about the user.

These items help us to protect our software from fraudulent use.

Other than these items, under no circumstances does Valido transmit any data to us concerning you, your company or any of your clients. Under certain circumstances we may ask you to transmit certain data to aid in the support of your Valido installation. This data may contain the names of certain of your clients however it will be used only to ascertain the support required, will not be stored on any of our systems and will be deleted immediately after the support issue has been resolved. Other than company names no other data will be included in this transmission.

Valido Mobile Device Apps

There are fives apps which run on different mobile  platforms and which relate to the Valido PC-based Management Program.  These are known as:

  • Valido CA - Compliance Audit
  • Valido FR - Fire Risk assessment
  • Valido HI - Hazard Identification
  • Valido IC - Infection Control
  • Valido RA - Risk Assessment
Valido apps do not require any form of activation.

Under no circumstances do any of these apps transmit any data to us concerning you, your company or your clients.