Management Module

If you are a Health and Safety assessor you should buy VALIDO PRO.

Do you carry out risk assessments for complex businesses with diverse divisions and departments spanning across various industries? VALIDO PRO has the answer.
If you are a Health and Safety professional then VALIDO PRO software is your ideal accompaniment .

VALIDO PRO software has multiple templates that are industry, company and task specific and work across any industry. Your templates can be stored, developed and customised. Your reports are generated in minutes and attached to the relevant legislation. It's that easy.

Large organisations should purchase VALIDO BUSINESS

VALIDO BUSINESS is designed for large businesses with their own in-house Health and Safety arrangements. It guarantees staff will tackle risk assessments smoothly and speedily.

Multiple reports collected on mobile devices are generated in minutes on the Management Module, making VALIDO BUSINESS the most versatile, efficient and cost effective Health and Safety software solution available to you. If your business employs Health and Safety personnel VALIDO BUSINESS will save time and money.