Mobile Modules

The mobile modules are produced to carry out specific risk assessments. The mobile modules will assist you to identify the hazards and who is at risk. Multiple reports can be generated from your findings. They can be purchased here.


A few people have downloaded our apps from different stores and given them a rating of 1 because "they don't do anything".  Unfortunately they took no notice of the line which says "DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU HAVE PURCHASED OUR PC SOFTWARE".

Fire Risk Assesssment

The Fire Risk Assessment module will assist you through Fire Hazard Identification.

Hazard Identification

The Hazard Identification module will assist you to plan for, avoid, or mitigate the impact of hazards and prepare you for risk assessing.

Infection Prevention / Control

The Infection Prevention / Control module will assist you to identify hazards and prevent harm relating to health care infections

Legal Compliance Auditing

The Legal Compliance Auditing module will assist you to organise and manage your audit findings of a business or department. 

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment module will help you to determine the hazards, who is at risk and the (UK) legislation guiding the assessment.